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As an owner or manager of residential properties, you need to anticipate problems before they happen. Our tools and information help you stay ahead of the challenge.

Synchronized Billing

If you own or manage multiple properties, take advantage of synchronized billing options. You can reduce the number of statements you receive each month for your rental properties, combine all your vacant rental properties on one account, and receive a single statement with one due date.

A synchronized billing statement includes:

We offer several custom synchronized billing options. Want to separate bills for house meters and vacant rental units? Manage properties for different owners and need a separate bill for each business entity? We can help.

Third Party Notifications

When services are disconnected due to nonpayment, the resident isn't the only one who is affected—it can impact the property owner/manager, too. Third Party Notice lets you know when a disconnection notice has been sent to one of your residents. This allows you to take proactive action with your resident and avoid unnecessary disconnections.

We recommend that residents complete the Third Party Notification Form before keys are issued. The form must be signed by the resident and property manager in order to be valid. 

Move-in/Move-out Best Practices

To establish service, have new residents call Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999 on or before the date that their billing responsibility begins. Ask that they provide their Xcel Energy premise number before you issue the key. A new resident may already have an Xcel Energy account number because of previous service. The premise number is preferred because it is a unique identifier assigned by Xcel Energy to the service address.

If you prefer to manage service set up for your new residents, you can call to provide the information or have the resident fill out the New Occupant Application and Instructions. When using the New Occupant Form:

Avoid date disputes at move out by using the Discontinuation of Service Application and Instructions. Note: The Request for Discontinuation of Service Application can be used in all states except North Dakota.

Landlord Agreements

Landlord agreements help you manage vacant units.

Landlord agreements allow you to preselect the action we will take when a resident moves out. Options include:

Automatic Turn On:

Lock on Disconnect (not recommended):

Reconnections are generally completed by the end of the next business day but can be delayed in out-state areas and by emergency situations. In addition, someone must be present to provide access for all gas service reconnections.

To set up Lock on Disconnect, complete the Billing of Vacant Rental Property Agreement and mark the LOD box on the agreement form.

Additional Resources

New Occupant Application (PDF)
Discontinuation of Service Application (PDF)
Third Party Notifications (PDF)
Billing of Vacant Rental Property Agreement (PDF)
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