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Applying for Service

The first step to installing and connecting service is applying.

Total project duration typically takes three to six months. Weather, permits, and the scope of your project can all impact the time frame of installing and connecting service. Please visit Planning Your Project for tips on how to keep your project on track.

Note: It can take up to 3 business days to process your application.

New construction process map application service

Detailed process map (PDF)

How to Apply for Service

FastApp is our online application tool that offers the quickest and most effective way to apply for new service. Customers who use FastApp are invited to build an online profile, which makes it easier to create service applications for all services we offer, saving you time. To learn how to get started, download our helpful PDF guide or view our instructional video.

FastApp Application

Service Activation Applications Service Activation Applications

What You'll Need to Apply

Before you apply, you'll need to gather information based on your project site:

1. Address of new meter or project.

The address of the project establishes a billing account and the installation location. This address is provided by the local governing authority and will match the inspection release for your new meter.

Please note: It is important to include all unit numbers that have been determined. If not assigned, note the amount of units on the application and submit application(s) for each unit once determined.

2. Contact information.

It is important we understand who is responsible for the account once the meter is set as well as the contact for the construction project. We will use the primary contact's email address provided in the application to send project updates. If you wish to include others in communication, please specify this on the application.

3. Electric and/or natural gas service needs.

The electric and/or natural gas load allows us to determine equipment size. You may need to work with an electrician or plumber to determine your service size needs.

Please note: Missing information could potentially delay application processing.

4. Site plan or development plat of your new project.

To ensure electric and natural gas facilities are placed in a safe and reliable location, we need to understand the layout of your project. Please submit a site plan or development plat with your application. Visit our Site Requirements page to obtain equipment clearances and standards of installation.

5. Additional project needs.

On top of new electric and/or natural gas service, your project may require additional services such as temporary service or outdoor lighting. Please make sure to request additional services at the time of application.

Please note: Any additional meters, such as an irrigation meter, may require a separate application.

Other Services Offered

Outdoor Street Lighting

If your project requires installation of outdoor lighting, please submit an application and work with your assigned Xcel Energy representative on full requirements, restrictions, and potential cost.

Overhead to Underground Conversion

We'll move your residential overhead electric lines underground safely and properly. Please submit an application and work with your assigned Xcel Energy representative on full requirements, restrictions, and potential cost.

Temporary Service

If you need electric or natural gas service for a limited time, either on a construction site or for an event, please see the Xcel Energy Standard for Electric Installation and Use Manual for more information on installation requirements. 

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Installing and Connecting Service FAQ

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