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You can do more to help reduce your appliance costs.

You have the option to add these coverages to either appliance repair plan and provide extra protection and important annual maintenance on your appliances. In addition to repairing and maintaining appliances, we also sell name-brand, energy-efficient equipment.

Get a New Appliance from UsHeatingCooling

We sell high-efficiency heating and cooling appliances for your home. We'll help you find the appliance that meets your family's comfort and budget needs. Request a free in-home consultation or get an estimate.

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Replacement Assistance

If you have older appliances that are on their last leg, the Replacement Assistance is a great option for you to help recover some of the expenses when replacing your appliance. You could spend more than the cost of your annual plan to replace just one appliance. This coverage is included in the Premium Repair Plan.

Replacement Assistance $11.95/month

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Reimbursement Amounts Reimbursement Amounts

Annual Maintenance

Get annual tune-ups on your heating or cooling appliances to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently throughout the year. A skilled technician will make adjustments to the appliance you selected to cover during annually scheduled appointments.

Annual Maintenance $7.95/month for one appliance or $13.95 a month for two appliances Sign up today
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Repair Plan Additional Appliance

Cover more appliances in addition to the ones already covered in your repair plan for $4.99/month per appliance. This additional coverage helps you tailor your plan to fit your home's needs. New customers receive coverage on a 5th appliance for free during the first 12 months of service.

Repair Plan Additional Appliance $4.99/month per appliance Sign up today
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Get covered

Get covered

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Energy Saving Tip

Want to make a strong statement about energy efficiency? Consider whether your home might be a good candidate for a green roof, solar panels, or a geothermal system.


Look Up. Look Out. Stay Safe.

Be very aware of overhead power lines coming into your home. Always keep yourself, your ladders and tools at least 10 feet away.

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