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Price, Terms & Conditions

Pricing and Billing

Renewable Connect is priced to reflect the actual cost to acquire the renewable resources and to administer the program. Subscriptions are available in 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks for a small additional premium. A Renewable*Connect charge will appear as a separate line item on your monthly Xcel Energy bill. In addition, you will receive a fuel cost credit, which decreases the net cost of Renewable*Connect. The 2020 premium varies slightly based on the contract term as follows.

 Monthly5 Years10 Years
Price per Block $3.62 $3.33 $3.28
Average Fuel Cost Credit* $2.52 $2.52 $2.52
Net Price per Block $1.10 $0.81 $0.76

*Based on the 2019 average Fuel Cost Credit for Minnesota residential electric customers

For month-to-month participants, the base Renewable Connect cost is subject to change annually. For 5-Year and 10-Year contract participants, the price per block changes slightly by year.

5-Year $3.243 $3.280 $3.317 $3.330 $3.345 $3.361 $3.429 $3.497 $3.569 $3.642
10-Year $3.193 $3.230 $3.267 $3.280 $3.295 $3.349 $3.404 $3.460 $3.519 $3.580

If your electricity use is less than your level of Renewable*Connect commitment in a given month, you will be charged only for what you use. Actual costs will vary based on actual usage and monthly fuel credit variations.

The fuel cost is a charge used to recover the costs of the fuel needed to run Xcel Energy’s generating plants, as well as the cost of purchasing energy from other suppliers. When you sign up for Renewable Connect, you are sourcing your energy from renewable resources that do not have any associated fuel costs. We credit you for the fuel you would typically pay for on your bill. This Fuel Cost Credit may change over time. If it becomes higher than the Renewable Connect charge, you could end up saving money by participating.

Contract Term

Renewable*Connect is offered a) month-to-month (no term minimum), b) 5 year term, c) 10 year term. For all month-to-month participates, your subscription will continue each month unless you notify us of a change in your subscription. Customers may either call 800-895-4999 or email to cancel their commitment. Please allow 30 days for a change to be effective.

Customers that terminate 5-year or 10-year contracts prior to the contract end date shall be subject to a termination fee. This fee is equal to the customer’s actual Renewable*Connect energy usage for the last 12 months multiplied by a per kWh amount of $0.01. (e.g. for a typical residential customer using 8,000 kWh annually signed up for 100% Renewable*Connect would pay about an $80 termination fee.)

Customers who move inside the Xcel Energy service territory will have their Renewable Connect contract follow them to their new home. Customers who move outside the Xcel Energy service territory are considered to have terminated their contract and, for those that are on the 5-year and 10-year contract, will be subject to the early termination fee.

Resource Mix

Renewable*Connect® is supplied with energy from 50 MW of Minnesota wind and 25 MW of Minnesota solar, generated from the Odell Wind Farm (located in Cottonwood, Jackson, Martin, and Watonwan Counties) and the North Star Solar Project (located in Chisago County).

100% Green Energy

Renewable*Connect is Green e-Energy certified, and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at

Additional Information

For a complete list of the resources included in Renewable*Connect, view the Product Content Label. You can also call us at 800-895-4999 (residential) and 800-481-4700 (business) or email us at

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