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AC Rewards Smart Thermostat Program

Control your thermostat anywhere, anytime and save money.

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A smart thermostat provides an easy and convenient way to manage your home's heating and cooling comfort and costs. And now Xcel Energy has made it easier than ever for you to experience a convenient energy-saving lifestyle with long-term benefits. As an added bonus, you'll earn $25 every year you participate in the program.

Want a smart thermostat? We've got you covered! Xcel Energy is offering up to $125 of incentives on select models purchased from the Xcel Energy Store. You can also have an ecobee3 Lite installed at no cost. See details in the Getting Started section below.

Already own a smart thermostat? Don't worry, you can still participate and earn incentives! Complete your enrollment online by registering your installed thermostat and receive $75.

How the Program Works

By participating in AC Rewards, you agree to allow Xcel Energy to make adjustments to your thermostat during blistering-hot summer days. When the demand for electricity is highest, you'll help us manage these peaks and ease the strain on the electrical grid by cutting back just a little on the time your central air works to cool your home. You'll have the ability to opt out of these events at any time, either from your thermostat, mobile device or web app, and return to your normal settings. 

Smart Thermostat Benefits

Convenience, control and savings.

  • Conveniently access your smart thermostat anytime, anywhere to adjust your home's comfort - via a mobile app or the Internet using your smart phone, tablet or computer.
  • Enables you to easily manage your home's comfort based on your schedule, habits and lifestyle.
  • Adjust the temperature in your home as you come and go saving energy and money.
  • Benefit the community by helping reduce the electricity demand during blistering-hot summer days so everyone has power.

Qualifying Internet-Connected Thermostats & Enrollment Links


Wi-Fi 9000

ecobee3 Lite

Vision Pro 8000


Focus Pro 6000

Smart Si  

Please note AC Rewards cannot be combined with Saver's Switch. If you enroll in AC Rewards your participation in Saver's Switch will be discontinued.

Getting Started

All customers will need their Xcel Energy account number and either the email address or phone number associated with your Xcel Energy to enroll in AC Rewards. You can find your account number on your bill or using the Xcel Energy mobile app.

I have a qualifying smart thermostat already installed at my home. I have a qualifying smart thermostat already installed at my home.
I want a qualifying smart thermostat and will purchase and install it myself. I want a qualifying smart thermostat and will purchase and install it myself.
I want a qualifying smart thermostat. Can you provide and install it for me? I want a qualifying smart thermostat. Can you provide and install it for me?

Having trouble with your enrollment? Give us a call at 800-895-4999.


Under the AC Rewards program we will make small adjustments to your thermostat during periods of high electricity demand, also known as "control events". Based on your preference, you will receive emails notifying you of control events. These events may occur anytime during the cooling season. If you experience discomfort, you have the option to opt-out of the AC Rewards events using your thermostat or smart phone application at any time and return to your normal thermostat settings. On extremely rare occasions system emergencies may cause us to issue control events that cannot be overridden.


To qualify, you must be a Minnesota Xcel Energy residential electric customer with central air conditioning and have, or install, an eligible smart thermostat listed above. You will need an internet-connected wireless network (Wi-Fi). Customers who live in apartments or condominiums are not eligible.

Saver's Switch® Participants

Customers cannot participate in both Saver's Switch and AC Rewards. Saver's Switch participants who choose to switch to AC rewards will no longer receive bill credits for Saver's Switch and the Saver's Switch device will be deactivated. Other restrictions may apply. 

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Energy Saving Tip

Rather than crank up your heat in the winter, keep your thermostat at a moderate level and bundle up. (Who doesn't love fuzzy slippers?)


Gas Meter Safety

Keep your natural gas meter dry and clear of snow and ice at all times to avoid the potential for dangerous indoor natural gas buildup.

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