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Special Recovery Rebates

Special Recovery rebates can help damaged Twin Cities businesses get up and running

Xcel Energy is committed to helping our neighborhoods and businesses repair and rebuild following the widespread acts of property damage in the Twin Cities area in May and June. In addition to working with non-profits dedicated to helping people and neighborhoods get back on their feet, Xcel Energy is also offering impacted businesses with new rebates (“Special Recovery” rebates) --up to double the standard rebate amount-- for qualifying high-efficiency equipment, along with free energy consulting services to aid in their efforts to rebuild.

If your business has been damaged, these higher Special Recovery rebate dollars can be used to lower the cost of replacing certain types of equipment with energy-efficient options or installing high-efficiency equipment if you’re rebuilding.

Depending on your project you could earn Special Recovery rebates on qualified systems such as:

If your business was damaged, here’s the process to obtain a Special Recovery rebate:

1. Complete the questionnaire below and email it to

2. Xcel Energy will review your information and verify your eligibility.

3. Franklin Energy, our energy consultant, will contact you to discuss your project and connect you with Xcel Energy’s Commercial Streamlined Assessment (formerly known as Turn Key) or Energy Efficient Buildings programs to help you identify energy-saving equipment for your project which can qualify for our Special Recovery rebates.

4. The energy consultant will send you a program application to fill out, which would need to be submitted no later than July 1, 2021.

5. After you’ve been approved into the program, the energy consultant will work with you and provide you with equipment options which can qualify for special increased rebates.

6. You choose the options which you would like to move forward within your project.

7. Contact your energy consultant once your project has been completed. 

Questions? Contact Xcel Energy’s team of energy advisors at 855-839-8862.

Special recovery rebates info sheet (PDF)

Eligibility and Details Eligibility and Details
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