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Minnesota Solar Energy Standard Exclusion

Under Minnesota state law, Minn. Stat. § 216B.1691, Subd. 2f, each public utility shall generate or procure sufficient solar energy so that by the end of 2020, at least 1.5 percent of the utility’s total retail electric sales to retail customers in Minnesota is generated by solar energy.

For companies that apply and qualify, the public utility may not include any incremental costs of satisfying this solar standard in the company’s electric rates. Qualification is based on each customer’s facility whose primary business purpose is as an iron mining extraction and processing facility (including a scram mining facility as defined in Minn. R. 6130.0100, subpart 16), paper mill, wood products manufacturer, sawmill or oriented strand board manufacturer. Below is a list of commission approved NAICS codes considered eligible for exclusion.

NAICS Code Category
212210 Iron Ore Mining
321113 Sawmills
321114 Wood Preservation
321211 Hardwood Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing
321212 Softwood Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing
321213 Engineered Wood member (Except truss) Mfg.
321214 Truss Manufacturing
321219 Reconstituted Wood Product Mfg.
321911 Wood Window and Door Mfg.
321912 Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber and Planning
321918 Other Millwork (incl. flooring)
321920 Wood Container and Pallet Mfg.
321991 Manufactured Home (mobile Home) Mfg.
321992 Prefabricated Wood Building Mfg.
321999 All Other Misc. Wood Product Mfg.
322110 Pulp Mills
322121 Paper (except Newsprint) Mills
322122 Newsprint Mills
322130 Paperboard Mills
322211 Corrugated and Solid Fiber Box Mfg.
322212 Folding Paperboard Box Mfg.
322219 Other Paperboard Container Mfg.
322220 Paper Bag and Coated and Treated Paper Mfg.
322230 Stationery Product Mfg.
322291 Sanitary Paper Product Mfg.
322299 All Other Converted Paper Product Mfg.

If you believe your company has a facility that falls within any of these categories and you would like to seek exclusion, please complete the application (PDF) found in the link below and mail or email to the address provided. Complete the form thoroughly, including providing information about why you believe your company qualifies for this exclusion. Provide all premise and account numbers applicable for the facilities you are seeking to exclude. The exclusion only applies to the electric portion of the service you receive in Minnesota from Xcel Energy.

Application for Exclusion from Incremental Costs Associated with the Minnesota Solar Energy Standard (PDF)

If your application for exclusion is approved, the exclusion will be for all of your valid company accounts associated with the specific facilities identified in the application. If appropriate, Xcel Energy may follow up with requests for additional information, and will contact the customer after determining if the application is approved or denied. We will submit the completed customer form annually on June 1 as part of the annual Solar Energy Standard report.

Please note, any customer who participates in a solar program which incurs Solar Energy Standard costs is ineligible for Solar Energy Standard cost exclusion.  Similarly, any customer who is excluded from Solar Energy Standard costs is ineligible for participation in a solar program with Solar Energy Standard costs. Solar Energy Standard cost-excluded customers are not allowed to participate in our Solar*Rewards® or Solar*Rewards Community® programs, nor in the Department of Commerce’s Made in Minnesota program.

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