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Ozone Laundry Rebates for Businesses

Save energy and reduce your energy costs with high-efficiency laundry equipment.

Laundry operations are essential in many industries – from restaurants and hospitality to industrial and healthcare and many others.  With the availability of new ozone laundry technologies, laundry operators can find gas savings up to 87 percent compared to water-based systems.

We want to help you save by offering rebates when you upgrade your laundry equipment with either a Venturi Injection or Bubble Diffusion system.

Get Free Advice and Start Saving

Contact and energy advisor at 855-839-8862.

Rebate Incentives Rebate Incentives
How to Get Your Rebate How to Get Your Rebate
Eligibility Eligibility
Additional Information Additional Information

Get Free Advice and Start Saving

Contact your energy efficiency specialist at 855-839-8862.

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