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Business Smart Thermostat Study

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Your business can receive up to eight smart thermostats and installation for free, plus earn up to $25 per thermostat just for enrolling in the Business Smart Thermostat Study. By participating in the study, you’ll receive up to eight Wi-Fi connected ecobee3 lite smart thermostats to be installed at your business/office by a participating contractor. As a part of the study, you agree to allow us to make adjustments to your thermostat during days when the demand for electricity is highest. You’ll help us by cutting back just a little on the time your HVAC system works to cool or heat your business. You’ll also have the ability to opt out of events, either at your thermostat(s) or through ecobee’s smart phone mobile app, and return to your normal settings.

The study will run through December 31, 2019. All participants will keep their thermostat upon completion of the study. You will also be notified if/when the study is replaced by a demand response program, which will allow you to continue to collect bill credits.


The Business Smart Thermostat Study is no longer enrolling customers in 2019. Enrollment in our Business Smart Thermostat Program will reopen in 2020. Current study participants will be given the opportunity to enroll in the program in 2020 to continue receiving bill credits for their thermostats that were installed as a part of the 2019 study.

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