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Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Discover the advantages of electricity as a transportation

For communities, businesses and other organizations seeking to meet strategic clean energy goals, electrifying your fleet and offering electric vehicle (EV) charging is a critical step. The good news is, adopting EVs for business and municipal use is becoming easier and more cost-effective. Here are some benefits of electric vehicles:

Benefits of Fleet Electrification

Businesses and municipalities have different types of fleet needs—from daily work operations to retail delivery functions. By replacing fossil-fuel vehicles with plug-in electric hybrid or all-electric options, you can see financial benefits and meet environmental objectives.

Telematics shows you the electric potential of your current fleet

We work with the nation’s leading  fleet analysis providers to fund assessments of fleets using telematics data.  This program provides information, data and technical assistance to help inform fleet electrification decisions and to help customers build a robust and actionable electrification plan. The electrification plan will consist of a procurement plan for EVs, strategies for charging infrastructure buildout and guidelines for optimizing vehicle usage and charging ROIs, all using real-world data from the fleet’s own operations.

Benefits of providing public charging

Offering public charging for your visitors, employees, tenants and customers is a great amenity for any facility. As a perk or for customer and employee retention, growing public charging corridors help more drivers make the transition to driving electric.

Public chargers are usually Level 3 DC Fast Chargers, so EV drivers can confidently charge and be on the road within 30 minutes. And fast chargers do more, such as:

Types of Electric Vehicles

Before providing charging for fleets or the public, explore the best vehicle and charging solutions for your operations.

Plug-In EVs
Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Plug-In Hybrid
 BEV Plug-In Hybrid
A BEV is a pure EV that is powered solely by electricity. When the battery depletes, it is recharged using electricity from a Level 1, 2, or 3 charger. A plug-in hybrid can operate on electric battery power and gas. When the battery depletes, the gas-powered engine turns on.

Charging Equipment Options

Fast facts about charging equipment:

Level 1 Charger

Level 2 Charger

Level 3 DC Fast Charger

*Range depends on vehicle, speed, cargo weight and other factors.

Additional Information

Look to us as your energy advisor to help make the electric transition easy, seamless and hassle-free.

For additional information about getting set up, contact your dedicated Xcel Energy community relations/area manageror account manager, or email at us at early in the process.

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