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  1. Oct 19 11:00 a.m.

    Xcel Energy crews are working as safely and quickly as possible as conditions allow to restore service to customers affected by the Lefthand Canyon and Cal-Wood fires in Colorado. In some instances, Xcel Energy crews are not yet able to access service outage areas due to active fires still in the area.

    At this time, about 164 electric customers near Ward and 900 customers near Jamestown remain out of service. We appreciate our customers' continued patience as our crews continue working to restore service.

  2. Oct 18 06:00 p.m.

    Xcel Energy restored electric service to some customers affected by the Cal-Wood Fire earlier in the day. We currently have approximately 165 electric customers out in the Ward area and approximately 900 electric customers out in the Jamestown areas. All of those areas have been evacuated at this time.

    We will restore the remaining customers when we receive permission from Fire Incident Command to access the area. We appreciate the work of all our first responders and will continue close coordination with them throughout the evening. The Cal-Wood Fire public information map at Boulder Office of Emergency Management (external link) shows evacuation areas and road closures.

    Additionally, a new wildfire, named the Lefthand Canyon Fire, forced the town of Ward in Boulder County to evacuate Sunday afternoon. We have proactively deenergized approximately 164 customers in the evacuation area for the safety of fire crews and our field crews. Access into the area will be limited until Fire Incident Command deems it is safe for us to resume restoration and assessment of any damage caused by the fire. Again, please be safe as fire response efforts continue throughout Boulder County. Information on the Lefthand Canyon Fire is also available at Boulder Office of Emergency Management (external link).

  3. Oct 18 09:15 a.m.

    Weather looks more favorable today for firefighters working the Cal-Wood Fire area with a rain/snow mix early this morning, calmer winds and a forecasted high of 50 degrees. We will continue to keep in close coordination with Fire Incident Command throughout the day and be prepared to support their efforts. When we receive clearance from authorities, we will assess the affected area and begin any needed restoration work. Please be patient as we keep safety as our top priority. We ask that you also stay safe and continue to visit the Boulder Office of Emergency Management (external link) for the latest news and status updates.

  4. Oct 17 06:30 p.m.

    Xcel Energy is working closely with authorities in the area and fire incident command for the Cal-Wood Fire. As a precaution, we will be shutting off natural gas service to approximately 120 customers in the evacuation area. At the request of fire incident command, we also proactively de-energized approximately 620 electric customers under mandatory evacuation orders in the communities of Jamestown, Ward, Hidden Lake and Bark Ranch. At this time, winds have died down considerably and the fire is moving slowly to the north east. Please go to our Energy Safety page for important reminders and resources. We do not currently have an ETA of when service will be restored, but we will post updates here. You can also find updates by following the Boulder Office of Emergency Management (external link).

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