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Sustainable Facilities

Our Goal: Run Even Cleaner

At Xcel Energy, we’re working hard to develop even more efficient and responsible sources of energy. However, we’re also working to make our operations more efficient, too.

The Environmental Protection Agency, along with The Climate Registry and the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, presented us with a 2016 Climate Leadership Award. The award was to honor our commitment to clean energy and excellence in greenhouse gas management.

We achieved a 20 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 to 2014. We did this by implementing a strategy that increased the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency programs, while retiring and repowering coal-fueled generating plants with natural gas. We’re now on track to reach a 30 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2020.

Constant Improvement

Since 2008 our Sustainable Facilities Program has helped to reduce the environmental impacts of our buildings:

  • Energy management
  • Water quality and conservation
  • Waste management
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for construction of new buildings
  • LEED certification for the renovation of existing buildings
  • Indoor air quality
  • Environmental safety
  • Green business practices

Measuring Success

  • Reducing annual electricity consumption by more than 1.5 million kilowatt-hours; since we began the program in 2008, we have reduced annual electricity consumption by about 11.7 million kilowatt-hours at Xcel Energy facilities.
  • Conserving natural gas usage by more than 39,000 therms; natural gas usage has been reduced by about 101,000 therms since 2011.
  • Saving more than 414,000 gallons of water; since 2010, we have saved about 3.5 million gallons of water at Xcel Energy office buildings and service centers
  • Recycling about 1,316 tons of office waste, about 60 percent of the company’s office waste at measured facilities. We offer recycling at all of our facilities where recycling services are available in the community.
  • Installing Xcel Energy’s first roof-top photovoltaic installation on our call center building in Amarillo, Texas; consisting of 66 panels, the 240-watt solar modules produced 27,523 kilowatt-hours in 2012.
  • Developing an interactive training program as part of the corporate online curriculum to educate employees on simple steps they can take to reduce waste and energy use in the office.

Energy Saving Tip

Rather than crank up your heat in the winter, keep your thermostat at a moderate level and bundle up. (Who doesn't love fuzzy slippers?)

Energy Saving Tip

Rather than crank up your heat in the winter, keep your thermostat at a moderate level and bundle up. (Who doesn't love fuzzy slippers?)


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