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Blazing Star Wind Farm

Blazing Star 1 Construction Update

Xcel Energy, Mortenson Construction, and contract workers are currently working on turbine installation, foundation installation, access road construction and underground cable installation in the project area near Hendricks, Minnesota. Construction on Blazing Star 1 is expected to be complete in January 2020. Grading work has begun on Blazing Star 2. More details are below.

an image of crame operations erecting a turbine on Blazing Star

an image of crame operations erecting a turbine on Blazing Star

Turbines are being erected on Blazing Star 1.

A picture of several windmill blades staked on each other

A picture of several windmill blades staked on each other

Turbine blades and other components started to arrive in June at the rail yard in Montevideo, before being delivered to the project area. The blades are nearly 200 feet long and weigh approximately 21,000 pounds.

Work on the operations and maintenance building is completed.

Construction Schedule

Blazing Star 2 Wind Farm Update

Grading work is underway at the location of the new collector substation southwest of Ivanhoe. Other construction activities on Blazing Star 2 are scheduled to begin in 2020 and be complete by the end of 2020.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has approved Blazing Star 2, and Xcel Energy has acquired the project from developer Geronimo.

The Commission approved the order of transfer between Xcel Energy and Geronimo in July 2019. 

Xcel Energy has requested an amendment to the site permit that includes an updated turbine model and final layout. More details are available at (docket number (17-700).

The project map includes the final layout and project boundary, based on advanced engineering, required setbacks, environmental analysis, and landowner feedback.  The final layout accommodates the selected project turbine models: Vestas V-110 and V-120 wind energy generators.

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Additional Information

Blazing Star 1 Fact Sheet (PDF)

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