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Upper Midwest Wind Power

Serving customers with a leading portfolio of wind resources.

We are harnessing some of the best wind resources in the country to deliver clean, low-cost renewable energy to our customers in the Upper Midwest. In 2018, wind energy supplied 16% of our power in the region, and under our approved plans, we expect this will nearly double by 2022.

The Wind Energy Advantage

  • Wind power is clean, renewable energy. It requires no fuel or water, and in 2018 helped to avoid approximately 3.5 million tons of carbon dioxide, as well as other emissions, on our Upper Midwest system.
  • Wind energy is affordable. As turbine technology improves, wind prices continue to decline, and in the long run, the wind on our system will save customers money and protect them from rising fuel costs in the future.
  • A local energy source. For rural communities that are home to wind farms, the projects produce new tax revenues for helping fund schools and other services. They also provide jobs and new revenue sources for landowners, who are typically farmers and ranchers.

 Have questions about wind energy? Check out our Q&A

Today's wind turbines are larger, quieter and more efficient. Learn more.

Investing in the Future

We have announced specific plans to grow our Upper Midwest wind portfolio by 70%. Eight new wind farms under construction will add more than 1,850 megawatts of new wind capacity to our system, enough clean energy to power nearly one million homes annually.

The projects are an excellent value for customers. By taking advantage of low wind prices and available tax credits, we expect the cost to build the projects will be more than offset by billions of dollars in future fuel savings over the lives of the projects.

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Wind Operations Today

We currently manage approximately 2,600 megawatts of wind generation in the region or enough clean wind capacity to power about 1.3 million average-size homes for a year. Most of our wind power is purchased from independent suppliers under long-term contracts. Altogether, we have about 65 of these agreements in place, with wind farms ranging in size from one or two turbines to hundreds of turbines. 

We own and operate five wind farms, totaling more than 850 megawatts of wind capacity: Grand MeadowNobles and Pleasant Valley wind farms in Minnesota and Border and Courtenay wind farms in North Dakota. We will own and operate six more wind farms currently under construction.


Courtenay is our newest wind farm. It was completed in 2016 and took just 15 months to build.

According to the American Wind Energy Association, Xcel Energy continues to be a leading utility wind energy provider. As our wind portfolio grows, we continue to improve system operations  through advanced wind forecasting and process changes. Our efforts are helping achieve new system records. In March 2018, renewable energy supplied more than 63% of our customers’ energy in the Upper Midwest for an entire day.

Customer Concerns

If you have concerns about one of Xcel Energy's wind farms in the Upper Midwest, please email us.

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