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New Mexico & Texas Wind Power

Serving customers with a leading portfolio of wind resources.

Xcel Energy harnesses some of the best wind resources in the country to deliver clean, low-cost renewable energy to Southwest customers. Today wind energy supplies 21 percent of our power in the region, and under current plans, we expect to more than double this to 46 percent in 2022.

Investing in the Future

In March 2017, we announced plans to grow our wind portfolio by 1,230 megawatts in the Southwest through projects that make economic sense for our customers. Specifically, we proposed the following new projects to be completed in 2020 to take advantage of available tax credits:

The projects will provide customers with substantial fuel savings and environmental benefits. Other regional and economic benefits include

  • 600 construction jobs and supporting about 50 full-time careers at Hale and Sagamore
  • Continued agricultural use of the wind farm land
  • New source of tax revenue for school districts and counties
  • Delivery on Xcel Energy’s commitment to support long-term economic growth with reliable and affordable energy 

In December 2017, Xcel Energy and intervening parties to the case reached a settlement on the wind projects and submitted an agreement to the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission for their consideration. New Mexico regulators unanimously approved the plan on March 21.

We also worked with stakeholders to file a stipulation agreement with the Public Utility Commission of Texas in February 2017. Texas regulators approved the plan in May. Regulatory approval was needed from both state commissions, since the wind energy resources benefit customers in both New Mexico and Texas. 

Learn more about Our Energy Future for the Southwest

Current Wind Operations

We manage more than 1,500 megawatts of wind generation in the Southwest or enough clean wind capacity to power more than 550,000 average-size homes for a year. All of the wind power on our system in Texas and New Mexico is purchased from independent suppliers under long-term contracts.

In addition to owning generation, we purchase power from several sources. Learn more.

As our wind portfolio grows, we continue to improve system operations through advanced wind forecasting and process changes. Our efforts are helping achieve new system records. In November 2015, wind power supplied more than 50 percent of  our customers’ energy for an entire day in Texas and New Mexico.

Energy Saving Tip

Heat or cool a smaller area by closing vents in rooms that are not in use. You’ll stay more comfortable when you're managing less air space.  

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Maintaining Customer-Owned Service Lines

If you have gas or electric lines feeding a detached garage, workshop, pool heater, outdoor gas grill, or other location on your property, you need to know that you are responsible for maintaining them.

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