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New Mexico & Texas Wind Power

Part of our nation-leading portfolio of wind-resources

Wind conditions in the Texas Panhandle are some of the best in the country for generating power, and we’re capitalizing on this to deliver clean, affordable renewable energy to customers. We currently have about 1,780 megawatts of wind generation on our system serving customers in New Mexico and Texas—or enough clean wind capacity to power about 653,000 average-size homes for a year. We purchase our wind generation under long-term agreements with wind farm owners and through qualified generating facilities.

In 2015, we completed plans to expand our wind portfolio by adding three new wind farms at prices competitive with natural gas generation. We began purchasing power from the 199-megawatt Mammoth Plains Wind Energy Center in Oklahoma and the 249-megawatt Palo Duro Wind Energy Center in Texas at the end of 2014, and the 250-megawatt Roosevelt Wind Ranch in New Mexico joined our system at the end of 2015.

As our wind generation portfolio grows, we continue to improve system operations  through advanced wind forecasting and process changes. Our efforts are helping achieve new system records. On Nov. 15, 2015, wind power on our system serving New Mexico and Texas supplied 50 percent of our customers’ energy for the entire day. 

The Benefit to Customers

  • Prices for wind energy continue to decline and wind power purchased under long-term contracts locks in favorable prices for the future, protecting customers from the rising cost of fossil fuels and environmental regulations.

  • Our investment in wind supports jobs and economic development in the Texas Panhandle and surrounding areas. According to the American Wind Energy Association, the wind industry supports up to 25,000 jobs and has 40 facilities that support wind-related manufacturing in the state of Texas.

  • Working with Global Weather Corp., an affiliate of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, we helped develop an advanced wind forecasting system that since 2009 has improved the forecast accuracy on our New Mexico-Texas system by about 28 percent, saving area customers nearly $2 million in fuel costs.

  • With help from carbon-free wind energy, we have reduced our carbon dioxide emissions in New Mexico and Texas by 20 percent since 2005.

Wind Farms Under Long-Term Contract Serving Xcel Energy Customers in New Mexico and Texas

Facility Location Capacity In-Service Date
Curry (Texico) Texico, NM 2 MW 1999, 2003
White Deer White Deer, TX 80 MW 2002
Caprock Quay County, NM 80 MW 2004
San Juan Elida, NM 120 MW 2005
Wildorado Wildorado, TX 161 MW 2007
Spinning Spur Oldham County, TX 161 MW 2012
Palo Duro Hansford,
Ochiltree counties, TX
249 MW 2014
Mammoth Plains Dewey,
Blaine Counties, OK
250 MW 2014
Roosevelt Roosevelt County, NM 250 MW 2016


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