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Solar Power on Our System

Putting the Power of the Sun to Work for You

Solar power plays an important role in our energy supply, providing the clean energy that our customers want and value. From large universal solar to community solar gardens to private rooftop panels -- we support solar generation in all forms.

We continue to increase the use of universal projects that provide solar power at the lowest cost to all customers and to offer a range of program options for customers who want more. Our solar and other renewable programs vary by state. Learn more about the options available in your area.

Through our programs so far, we have helped more than 35,000 customers install solar panels and have supported the development of dozens of local, community solar-garden projects, with more projects underway. Find information on solar-garden projects in your area.

Delivering Low-Cost Solar

We are working to expand the use of solar power in the most cost-effective way for customers. Universal solar projects currently provide energy at about half the cost of rooftop solar panels and can produce 50 percent more energy, panel-for-panel.

We currently purchase more than 700 megawatts of solar capacity under long-term agreements with project owners enough to power more than 177,000 average-size homes for a year.

These solar power plants have economies of scale and are located in areas that maximize sun exposure. Plus, they are built with sun tracking and other technology enhancements that help capture the full power of the sun.

Read more about the economic benefits of universal solar in a study by The Brattle Group.

Solar Energy Expansion

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Energy Saving Tip

A programmable thermostat can help you save big on energy costs, adjusting the temperature when you're at work, at play, or asleep.

Gas Meter Safety

Keep your natural gas meter dry and clear of snow and ice at all times to avoid the potential for dangerous indoor natural gas buildup.

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