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St. Peter Natural Gas Project

Project Overview

We will replace an existing natural gas line in St. Peter Street, between 4th and 11th streets, in downtown St. Paul. The current natural gas line is located within the eastern portion of St. Peter Street and will be installed close to or in the same trench as the existing natural gas line.

As part of this infrastructure replacement project, natural gas line work will also occur within the following areas: 10th Street West, between St. Peter and Cedar streets, Exchange Street, between St. Peter Street and Wabasha Avenue; Wabasha Avenue, between 10th Street West and Exchange Street; and, 4th Street West, between St. Peter and Market streets.

This natural gas infrastructure replacement project is part of our commitment to system revitalization and will ensure continued safe and reliable natural gas service. We will contract with Q3 Contracting to complete the construction activities.

Project Map (PDF)

Project Information Sheet (PDF)

Project Updates – June 2019

Initial project construction activities will begin as soon as Monday, June 10, 2019. The initial activities include implementing traffic control measures followed by excavating roadways and installing the new natural gas line.

The initial construction activities will occur in the following area:

As construction continues, we may have multiple crews working at the same time in multiple locations to lessen the overall duration of the project.

Please note that construction schedules are subject to change because of inclement weather or other factors.

Project Schedule

We will begin construction in June 2019, with an expected project completion of early October 2019.

Construction Overview

To complete this natural gas replacement project, we anticipate working during daytime hours Please note that these hours are subject to change in case of special circumstances or based on jurisdictional permitting requirements.

During construction, we will take measures to reduce inconveniences to local businesses, residents and commuters. Potential disruptions from construction may include:

Once construction has been completed, we will restore sites to their preconstruction condition.

During construction, we will update this website at least monthly with construction update information.


Public safety is at the foundation of all we do. The safety of the public around Xcel Energy’s natural gas system influences every decision we make. Xcel Energy takes a proactive approach to public safety by implementing safety measures before, during and after construction.

The project has been designed to continue to meet federal and state standards and safety requirements for installing, maintaining and operating natural gas infrastructure. 

For additional information on our commitment to safety, please visit our Public Safety page.

Contact Us

For additional information, to sign up for project updates or to submit questions and comments, call our project hotline at 833.531.0886 or email us at

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