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Del Norte to Alamosa Natural Gas Pipeline Project

Project Overview

Xcel Energy will install approximately 20 miles of six-inch-diameter natural gas pipelines in Rio Grande and Alamosa counties, known as the Del Norte to Alamosa Natural Gas Pipeline Project. The new pipelines are needed as part of our commitment to system modernization and to continue the safe and reliable service our customers expect. 

Route Selection

Xcel Energy has worked collaboratively with communities and governmental entities to identify the pipeline route, which exists within four separate sections.

As the project continues, additional refinements to the proposed pipeline route may occur based upon engineering and other factors. The project team will continue to collaborate with communities and governmental entities in these cases.

Project Schedule

Construction is expected to begin in June of 2018, and completed in the spring of 2019. The work will occur over two construction seasons, beginning with Phase A in June, 2018 and Phase B in 2019. Please note that the project schedule is subject to change.

Safety Overview

Public safety is at the foundation of all we do. The safety of the public and our employees around Xcel Energy’s natural gas system influences every decision we make when constructing and operating pipelines. Xcel Energy takes a proactive approach to public safety by implementing safety measures before, during, and after construction. This project has been designed to meet federal and state standards, and safety requirements. 

Contact Us

For project updates and to learn more about the project, please visit the “Del Norte to Alamosa Natural Gas Pipeline Project” page at, or email us at We look forward to communicating with you. 

Additional Information

Del Norte to Alamosa Info Sheet (PDF)

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