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EV Power for Building Owners

If you’re a commercial building owner, you may be aware of the value of offering electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to accommodate the growing population of EV drivers. When EV owners leave their home-charging stations, they rely on second electric-charging sources to maintain power. Offering the convenience of charging stations on your commercial properties—for employees, renters, business partners, or customers—is a consideration many are offering for very little cost and big paybacks.

EV Energy Advisors on Hand

We can guide you to the best electric rate plan, answer questions, and provide resources to help you get your property set up for EV charging. Call 800-895-4999 or send an email to to speak with an energy advisor.

EV Power for Employees

As an employer or facility manager, you may be approached by employees about installing charging stations for their EVs. Next to charging at home, your employees likely will see their workplace as the most convenient place to charge. There are a number of factors involved in adding charging options to your parking property – from number of charging units and location, to policy and controls. Not only are you supporting a clean energy future, you’re also exemplifying an innovative work environment. Join other employers pledging to help the environment through the Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge (external link) and get recognized for outstanding employer workplace charging efforts. Consult with your tax advisor and contact our EV energy advisors to ensure you can provide safe, reliable, and efficient charging while helping you to minimize your energy costs.

EV Charging at Multifamily Buildings

EV chargers installed on your multifamily property offer a value-add feature to attract and keep your EV-driving tenants happy. Some multifamily living building owners offer preferential parking/charging for their tenants as a new revenue add-on. There are creative ways to fulfill EV charging affordably. Whether your multifamily property is an apartment, townhome, or condominium, there are additional considerations beyond single-family home charging options. Depending on the building layout, the charger might be assigned to either the resident or the common area meter. Consult an EV charging station provider to help you configure your charging area, and call our energy advisors to help you evaluate the best rate options.

EV Power for Your Customers

Hotels, restaurants, and other retail operations are offering charging options as a convenience to customers to ensure they stay shopping, dining, or lodging. Businesses that see a high-volume of customers, might not want customers parked and plugged in for long. The charging option most appealing to businesses is a fast charging station, because it charges vehicles quicker to accommodate more customers. You can own or you can lease these stations, or you can consult manufacturers that may offer installation and maintenance packages to save you the time and effort.

EV Power for Communities

If you’re a community leader, establishing your community as a green leader and boosting your economy may be among your top goals. Cities, towns, and municipalities are finding that being an EV-friendly community has the potential to attract more visitors to business districts and city centers. The EV growth numbers speak for themselves; and strategically-placed charging stations can help meet the demand at an affordable cost.

Powering your Fleets

For those who run fleet vehicle operations, finding savings and being less dependent on fossil fuel is often a priority. The potential for all-electric EVs, as well as hybrid-electric models, to significantly help reduce the cost of truck operations is becoming more popular for light- and medium-duty applications. The best news yet is in emerging technologies in retrofitting fleet vehicles to electric, closing the time gaps for the commercial fleet sector to convert to electric fuel. Research the best fleet approach and cost comparisons, and ask one of our energy advisors about rate options.

Get Started

  1. Evaluate your options.

    Prior to selecting charging equipment and installation solutions, you may want to consider your organization’s policies such as collecting payment for the investment you’re making or who will have access to the charging equipment. The decision is up to you. But our EV Advisors can help with the latest trends and resources on the topic.

  2. Determine your charging level.

    There are three industry-standard levels of charging voltage power and speed. The equipment and level you choose will depend on many factors: whether you want to provide free or fee-based charging, the location of your chargers, and more. Consult an EV charging equipment provider for help purchasing the best charging equipment and charging level for your needs.

  3. Install a charging station with the help of an electrician.

    Finding the right charging station setup takes some research and planning when identifying what works for your space and charging needs; and an electrician of your choice can help you install it. For a turn-key solution, charging station solution providers can also help you size the charging station for your property.  

Additional Information

For more information about getting charged at home, at work, and on-the-go, email us at, or call 800-895-4999 to speak to one of our energy advisors.

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