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Tacoma Generating Station

Key facts:


The plant originally provided power for Durango and Silverton mining operations.

Water for plant operations comes from 18 miles upstream on Cascade Creek, where it passes through a 4,400-foot open wooden flume, one of only two wooden flumes still operating on hydro projects in the United States. Electra Lake provides 22,000-acre feet of storage for year-round operations. The plant’s powerhouse is located in Animas River Canyon and is accessible only by a narrow gauge train or track car. Tacoma Hydro is considered a peaking plant.

For More Information Call:  1-800-895-4999

Energy Saving Tip

Install ceiling fans to keep cool air circulating so you can turn down your air conditioner. Still, make sure to turn off your fan when you leave the room.


May is National Electric Safety Month

Before beginning an outdoor project, be aware of overhead electric lines and keep yourself, your ladders and tools at least 10 feet away from them.

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