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Ponnequin Wind Farm

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Xcel Energy has a long history of providing our customers with a range of renewable energy choices to power their homes and businesses.  The Ponnequin Wind Farm, located just south of Cheyenne, Wyo., was Colorado’s first wind farm. It was built to provide power for our popular WindSource® program, which at the time, was one of the country’s first voluntary green energy programs. Xcel Energy owns 37 of the 44 turbines at Ponnequin.

Since Ponnequin has been in operation, time, economics and advances in wind technology have led the company to pursue other options for its wind portfolio. Compared to other newer wind generation resources, the turbines used at Ponnequin are much smaller and far less efficient.  Given the availability of other wind resources on its system, Xcel Energy discontinued operations of its portion of the Ponnequin Wind Farm on Dec. 31, 2015.

The company will maintain aviation lights, and other safety and security measures at the facility until 2019, at which time we should have a final decision on the disposition of the towers and related assets.

Xcel Energy remains the nation’s no. 1 utility wind energy provider.

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Keep your natural gas meter dry and clear of snow and ice at all times to avoid the potential for dangerous indoor natural gas buildup.

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