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Nichols Generating Station

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Nichols Station was named to honor the late Herb Nichols, who was a chairman of Southwestern Public Service Co.'s board of directors (one of the predecessor companies to Xcel Energy).

Environmental Highlights

Nichols Station pioneered the use of reclaimed, treated sewage effluent for cooling and other vital power plant functions. The technology is now a mainstay of environmentally conscientious industrial operations nationally. An average of 15 million gallons of sewage effluent is treated and recycled daily at Nichols for use at both Nichols and the company’s Harrington Station. This practice saves the city the cost of disposal and saves fresh water for other uses. Cooling water from the Nichols-Harrington complex is reused for irrigating grasses, seed crops, and forage on nearby farmland. Nichols is a “zero discharge” facility, which means no process waters are discharged from the plant site.

Community Involvement

Nichols Station and its employees actively support the local United Way. They also support local high school students through the AACAL (Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning) and Rotary Clubs for students interested in technical careers.

For More Information Contact 1-800-895-4999

Energy Saving Tip

Turn off your lights when you leave the room—even if you'll only be gone for a moment. Contemporary light bulbs require very little energy to turn "on."

Gas Meter Safety

Keep your natural gas meter dry and clear of snow and ice at all times to avoid the potential for dangerous indoor natural gas buildup.

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