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Colorado Steam Needs Assessment & Resource Plan

Public Service’s Steam Business is delivering on its promise to continue providing customers with a reliable choice for their energy needs and the high quality service and value they expect.

In 2014 we submitted a Resource Plan and Steam Needs Assessment case to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC or Commission). It’s a regulatory proceeding that determines how Xcel Energy will continue to serve downtown Denver steam customers well into the future.

We received approval of our Steam Resource Plan, which included two major components.

The first component was an interim plan to ensure reliable service over the next few years. Specifically, the Company requested approval of plans to ensure the reliable operation of Zuni from 2016 through at least 2018, and the upgrade to the State Steam Plant to provide higher pressure service.

The second component was the long-term plan. Over an 18 month period we followed an approved methodology to evaluate our customers’ long-term needs. In July 2016, we submitted a compliance filing setting forth our Required Maximum Production Sendout and identifying the supply-side plan (the addition of one new boiler at the Denver Steam Plant) that corresponded with these projected needs.

Filing Documents

Application (PDF)
Direct Testimony & Attachments of Brockett (PDF)
Direct Testimony & Attachments of Kutska (PDF)
Direct Testimony & Attachments of Farmer (PDF)
Direct Testimony & Attachments of Wozniak (PDF)

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