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Public Service Company of Colorado - 2011 Electric Resource Plan

On Oct. 31, 2011, we filed our 2011 Electric Resource Plan with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), proposing to supply power at the lowest cost to customers by taking advantage of existing resources plus cost-effective renewable resources in the future. The plan shows that we are well positioned to continue providing our customers with clean, reliable and affordable power without making additional significant generation investments through the resource planning period, 2011-2018.

As a result of slow national and regional economic growth and the success of our Solar*Rewards and energy efficiency programs, we forecast no resource need until 2017 and just 292 megawatts of capacity need by 2018, the end of our resource acquisition period. We plan to satisfy this need with short-term contracts from existing generation resources in the region.

We are already making significant changes to the power supply, including changes to meet Colorado’s Clean Air-Clean Jobs Act. With our current wind and solar contracts and Solar*Rewards programs, we expect to be in compliance with Colorado’s renewable energy standard by 2020. In the plan, we propose a flexible approach to satisfy customer interests in using renewable energy above the 30 percent standard.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission requires that we file a resource plan every four years to forecast customer electric demand and determine the generation resources required to meet the demand.


Additional Documents & Resources

Commission Rule 3613 (k) Big Disclosure Summary

Under section 3613(k) of the Colorado Resource Planning Rules, upon completion of the competitive acquisition process, the company is required to post on its website a summary of all bids and utility proposals including bidder name, utility cost, generation technology type, size of facility, contract duration, and whether or not the bid included a utility purchase option.

3613(k) Dispatchable (PDF)
3613(k) Wind and Solar (PDF)

Energy Saving Tip

Rather than crank up your heat in the winter, keep your thermostat at a moderate level and bundle up. (Who doesn't love fuzzy slippers?)

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Install carbon monoxide detectors and annually hire a qualified contractor to inspect your home for proper ventilation.

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