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Wildfire Protection Rider

Coloradans are lucky to have the Rocky Mountains right here in our own backyard. Together, we can do more to protect our state.

As part of our commitment to safety, Xcel Energy has developed a comprehensive program to help further protect lives, homes and property from the risk of wildfire. In doing so, we are helping to create a sustainable future for Coloradans who rely on us to power their lives every day.

In Colorado, the number and intensity of wildfires have steadily grown over the past three decades--and experts predict it will continue to worsen.  As climate conditions have changed throughout the west, the traditional idea of a fire “season” has evolved into a year-long battle against larger, stronger and faster-moving wildfires.

Xcel Energy’s Wildfire Protection Rider supports cost recovery for proactive programs that reduce the risk of ignition from our system of poles, wires and pipelines, especially in wildland-urban interface communities.

Proposal Benefits

For less than a dollar month for a typical customer, this rider will deliver value and keep the public safe with:

Bill Impacts

In 2021, a typical residential electricity customer’s bill would increase by $0.49 a month, or 0.71 percent, from $69.04 to $69.53, based on average monthly usage. A typical small-business electricity customer would see an increase of $0.71 a month, or 0.69 percent, from $102.99 to $103.70, based on average monthly usage.

Find More Online

Learn more about our Wildfire Safety and Protection Efforts.

What is a rider?

A rider is one mechanism regulators use to allow Xcel Energy to recover costs, through a monthly charge added to customer bills. Riders are used for a limited time and for a specific and necessary purpose.

They are subject to approval by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, through a transparent process that includes public input and participation.

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