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Timothy V. Wolf

Timothy Wolf, serves as president of Wolf Interests, Inc., an investment company. Previously, he served as the chief integration officer of MillerCoors Brewing Company LLC and served in leadership positions with Molson Coors Brewing Company and Coors Brewing Company. Mr. Wolf serves as director and president of the Wolf Family Foundation and previously served on the board of directors of Rally Software Development Company and Borders Group, Inc.  He also serves on several nonprofit boards and educational organizations including E-Town, Leeds School of Business Advisory Board, University of Colorado Boulder, Executives Partnering to Invest in Children, and Bridge House. He earned his master’s degree in finance and marketing from the University of Chicago and his undergraduate degree from Harvard.

Director since 2007

Operations, Nuclear, Environmental and Safety Committee
Finance Committee

Energy Saving Tip

Create your own shade by planting a tree in a strategic location in your yard to block sunlight from pouring into your windows. It doesn't get much more green than a tree!

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Look Up. Look Out. Stay Safe.

Be very aware of overhead power lines coming into your home. Always keep yourself, your ladders and tools at least 10 feet away.

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