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Methodology for Corporate Responsibility Survey

The corporate responsibility survey was conducted internally following Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. The survey was designed to have stakeholders identify their top priorities for Xcel Energy’s corporate responsibility efforts. Xcel Energy’s executive leadership also answered the survey to understand our internal priorities. Altogether, the survey was distributed to nearly 1,000 internal and external stakeholders across our eight-state service territory. Approximately 26 percent of potential respondents participated. The respondents represented a good mix of our local stakeholder categories and our service territory.



The survey was based on the 24 corporate responsibility issues we identified for our company. These issues were based on our experience through regular stakeholder engagement, research and participation in a number of industry and sustainability forums. Many of these issues align with industry research conducted by the EPRI Sustainability Interest Group.

Throughout the survey, respondents were asked to prioritize the corporate responsibility issues in different ways and had the opportunity to identify new issues. First, the respondents ranked their priority issue within five categories. These are the responses shown in the graph in the section above. Second, respondents listed their top five corporate responsibility issues without any categories. Lastly, respondents could add new issues and describe any sustainability goals that their own organizations may have and how Xcel Energy could help meet those goals.

Xcel Energy Corporate Responsibility Issues and Definitions, including 10 identified focus areas that are highlighted below

Advanced Grid, Cybersecurity, Physical Security Upgrading the power grid with advanced technologies to improve reliability and security; protecting important systems and infrastructure from unauthorized access or attack; drilling emergency scenarios both with and without external stakeholders to ensure effective response to potential events

Air Quality

Reducing air emissions other than greenhouse gases from our operations, including nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, mercury and particulate matter, both through emissions controls and fleet transformation

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Managing and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our operations, including carbon dioxide, methane and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) through fleet transformation

Community Giving and Volunteerism

Giving both time and money to local nonprofit organizations; supporting energy assistance programs for customers in need

Corporate Governance, Ethics and Compliance Ensuring adherence to the rules, practices and processes that direct and control our company; setting ethical expectations and values and monitoring adherence to applicable laws and regulations

Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

Working with customers to understand their needs and improve the service and products we provide; ensuring a positive customer experience with interactions that are focused, simple and transparent; meeting our scorecard objective of building customer loyalty

Employee Safety Adopting, enacting, and promoting effective programs that protect the health and safety of employees and contractors
Energy Affordability

Ensuring electricity and natural gas bills are affordable by consumers

Energy Efficiency

Providing programs to help customers take control of their energy usage and save money, including traditional rebate programs and advanced home solutions

Energy Reliability and Emergency Preparedness Providing electricity and natural gas with few to no interruptions; being prepared to quickly repair outages caused by storms or other incidents
Fuel Diversity Minimizing dependence on any one energy source by using a diverse mix of sources to generate electricity

Innovative Energy Programs and Options

Offering programs that give customers choice over their energy sources, such as helping them access more wind and solar power or helping them fuel electric or natural gas vehicles

Labor Practices Adopting responsible practices related to employee pay, benefits and equal opportunity

Local Economic Development and Jobs

Working with the community to attract and support new business development and economic growth

Nuclear Generation, Safety and Waste Management Maintaining Xcel Energy’s nuclear fleet that provides reliable, carbon-free electricity, in a way that ensures safety and emergency preparedness; safely handling and storing solid waste from nuclear generation

Procurement Practices

Doing business with responsible, local and/or diverse suppliers for the equipment, materials and services we purchase

Public Policy Engagement

Engaging and collaborating with policymakers and providing input on proposed legislation and regulations

Public Safety

Providing education to prevent accidental contact with electric power lines and natural gas pipelines; protecting the public around our facilities and facility operations; ensuring effective emergency response to public safety issues around our facilities

Renewable and Advanced Clean Technologies Increasing electricity generation from clean, renewable energy sources, including wind farms and solar power plants; deploying advanced technologies to reliably manage higher levels of wind and solar energy

Technology Research and Demonstration

Participating in projects to test advanced energy technologies that have potential for providing customers with new products and services in the future; supporting industry research efforts through financial contributions, staff involvement and demonstration projects

Waste Management

Preventing and reducing waste produced from our operations, including coal ash; reusing or recycling waste instead of disposing of it in landfills; operating power plants fueled by waste

Water Quality, Availability and Management

Ensuring the availability of water for electricity generation and all other users; protecting water quality

Wildlife Protection and Biodiversity

Avoiding or minimizing impacts to protect species and their habitats; supporting raptor habitat and providing education and conservation opportunities on raptors

Workforce Development

Maintaining a workforce of the right size and skill profile, includes our talent management strategy and diversity and inclusion efforts; engaging in community efforts to develop pipeline of future employees; providing competitive employment opportunities and supporting diverse business resource groups

Energy Saving Tip

Create your own shade by planting a tree in a strategic location in your yard to block sunlight from pouring into your windows. It doesn't get much more green than a tree!


Gas Meter Safety

Keep your natural gas meter dry and clear of snow and ice at all times to avoid the potential for dangerous indoor natural gas buildup.

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