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At Xcel Energy, our people are our greatest strength and the most significant contributors to achieving our goals. Although retirements continue to change the composition of our workforce, we view this change as an opportunity to build a diverse, customer-focused culture that is ready to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive energy industry. With training, development and employee engagement, we are better responding to customer needs and driving our business forward through innovation and a competitive mindset that will successfully position Xcel Energy for years to come.    

One of our primary missions is to proactively attract, retain and develop high-quality and diverse talent that brings a competitive mindset and is the right fit for Xcel Energy’s culture. We are developing inspirational and courageous leaders and holding employees accountable for achieving results.

2016 Workforce Demographics

As our year-end 2016, Xcel Energy had 12,009 full-time, part-time and temporary employees.

*Includes American Indian, Asian, Multi and Native Hawaiian

The average employee turnover in 2016 was 8.9 percent. About 37 percent of turnover was the result of retirements, about 49 percent were resignations and the remaining 14 percent includes turnover for other reasons, such as unsatisfactory performance, misconduct, severance or death.

Our projections show that 31 percent of our workforce will be eligible for retirement over the next five years and 44 percent over the next 10 years. However, we do not expect all employees to retire once they become eligible.

Workforce Planning and Analytics

We continue to develop and implement a stronger strategic workforce planning process and model to support leaders in using the opportunities that arise as a result of turnover. By leveraging data and analytics, we have been able to more accurately determine what the organization will need in terms of size, type and necessary skill sets to achieve its objectives. The strategic workforce plan allows for a more intentional approach to deploying solutions that will address our changing workforce. In conjunction with this effort, we provide leaders with a Human Capital Report, a dashboard-style tool that includes standardized measures of cost, engagement, employee movement and performance management. This helps to inform leaders on workforce costs and provide monthly information on the state of their organizations to help in decision making.

Intentional Hiring

To ensure a steady stream of qualified candidates for Xcel Energy’s available jobs, we proactively engage with community and educational organizations to prepare a future workforce. We are focused on helping military veterans make the transition to civilian jobs through targeted recruitment and participation in the Hiring our Heroes program. We are committed to ensuring that we have a diverse workforce that is reflective of the communities we serve so we can best support the needs of our customers.

Xcel Energy posted 2,015 requisitions in 2016, with internal candidates successfully filling 1,077 (44 percent) of these openings. Of these new hires, 96 percent were sourced from the states we serve.

Some of our targeted recruitment activities include:

Educational Relationships

We work with a number of targeted colleges, universities and technical schools, which provide an avenue for us to educate students on the opportunities for stable, well-paid jobs in the utility industry. We also ensure that these educational institutions offer training and curriculum that prepare students to be part of our future workforce. Through internships and pre-employment testing, we ensure a pool of qualified candidates to fill positions when job openings become available. Additionally, we provide high school students with education, encouraging them to pursue jobs in skilled trades. We work with high schools throughout our Texas and New Mexico service areas, where we have the greatest needs. In Colorado, we have four programs in partnership with Denver Public Schools and Jefferson County high schools. In Minnesota, we continue our partnership with Step-Up Achieve, Legacy program, and Right Track to hire high school summer interns.

Targeted Job Fairs

We support employment events that are most successful in identifying and hiring qualified employees. We maintain relationships with several schools and local organizations within our service territory that hold job fairs. Partnerships like this allow us to reach schools and organizations with a diverse population and continuously improve our candidate pool.

Search Engines

Xcel Energy markets our jobs on several key sites, including Indeed, LinkedIn, Energy Central and Rigzone. We leverage the Professional Diversity Network and other industry and skill-specific boards to target diverse, local talent and individuals with specialized skills sets. We also work with local, community-based organizations to reach candidates in our service areas, reducing the need for candidate relocation while supporting economic development in the communities we serve.

Veteran Outreach

In 2016, we focused on strengthening our strategic partnerships with veteran organizations and engaging in activities to increase our visibility as a preferred employer for military veterans. We created and implemented military-specific marketing and communications efforts and attended more than 30 job fairs that specifically targeted military veterans throughout our service area. We increased our veteran hires for the year to 14.2 percent. Additionally, it was our inaugural year as part of the Hiring our Heroes program, which helps prepare active military personnel for their civilian careers. We also signed a national Statement of Support with the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, a Department of Defense office. We are proud to have been named a Best for Vets employer by Military Times for the third year in a row, and a Military Friendly Employer by GI Jobs for the eighth year in a row.

Diversity Outreach

Through our partnerships with workforce centers in Minnesota, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico, Local Job Network and Diversity Minnesota, we are able to reach diverse job seekers in the places where they live and work. We also engage with diverse student groups such as National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) to attract diverse entry-level employees.

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce makes us stronger as a company. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion goes beyond human resource policies and practices; it is an integral part of who we are, how we operate and how we see our future. This commitment to supporting our employees in bringing their authentic selves to work was recognized in 2016 by the Human Rights Foundation — Xcel Energy achieved a score of 100 on the organization’s Corporate Equality Index, earning us a spot as one of the Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality.    

Our inclusive work culture embraces all employees and provides them with equal access to employment opportunities and development. To us, diversity is more than ethnicity, gender, age, race, national origin, disability, religion and sexual orientation; it includes differences in thought processes, educational backgrounds, work experiences, personalities, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds.

Each Xcel Energy employee is empowered to make a difference when it comes to creating an inclusive environment. We encourage our employees to remember Diversity Exists: Inclusion is My Responsibility.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Xcel Energy’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion is instilled in our employees from their first day on the job, as part of our new employee orientation program. Employees receive ongoing education in these areas, and in 2016, more than 200 Xcel Energy employees and leaders throughout our service territory participated in half-day diversity and inclusion training sessions. The classes are designed to provide knowledge, insight and skills to manage diverse teams and create an inclusive culture.

Business Resource Groups and the Council for Diversity and Inclusion

Our 11 Business Resource Groups give Xcel Energy employees an inclusive and supportive venue to unite for personal and professional growth. Nearly 1,000 group members participate in cultural exchange, community outreach and business solutions. Additionally, through the Council for Diversity and Inclusion, leaders of our Business Resource Groups collaborate with company leaders to help the company achieve goals by addressing key business challenges around Xcel Energy.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-discrimination Policies

Our corporate Code of Conduct prohibits all forms of discrimination and promotes equal employment opportunities. We have equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination policies in place that apply to all operating companies and subsidiary companies throughout the company. Xcel Energy provides equal opportunity in hiring, training, compensation, promotion, termination, transfer and all other terms and conditions of employment, without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or any other protected class status in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.

Performance Management

We implemented a new performance management approach in 2016 for our non-bargaining employees, Connect 4 Performance. This approach focuses less on documentation, numerical ratings and formalized meetings, and more on frequent, simple and meaningful conversations between leaders and their employees. The performance review process begins with setting clear and measurable individual objectives that align with and support the goals of Xcel Energy. Employee feedback has been positive as indicated through employee engagement and several other feedback mechanisms.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement at Xcel Energy is measured through an annual employee engagement survey, administered by an independent third-party vendor. In 2016, we reached a 79 percent overall favorable response with 68 percent of employees participating, consistent with 2015 results. We saw improved or consistently steady results across most categories in the survey. Areas that saw the greatest increase in positive responses company-wide included supervisor communication, diversity and inclusion, leadership, safety, innovation and agility, and performance and rewards. Safety continues to be one of our highest-scoring categories, with continued improvement in 2016.

In addition to comparing to our previous year performance, we leverage a U.S. energy and utility companies benchmark and a U.S. high-performing companies benchmark to compare our results. Xcel Energy’s results are continuing to close the gap on U.S. high performing companies.

Employees are encouraged to offer feedback to Xcel Energy leadership through a variety of methods. They can submit anonymous comments as part of employee engagement and change tracking surveys, ask questions during regular leadership webcasts and face-to-face meetings, and respond to blog postings that our leaders make throughout the year.

Workforce Relations

Xcel Energy is committed to providing all employees with a safe, rewarding workplace that values their contributions and ensures fair treatment. We respect our employees’ right to organize if desired, and approximately half of our workforce is currently represented by unions.

While each collective bargaining agreement is negotiated with a specific local union, we include equal opportunity clauses in all our bargaining contracts. We also operate in compliance with the policies of the National Labor Relations Board, the statutes of the National Labor Relations Act and the guidance of the federal Department of Labor.

Xcel Energy recognizes that all parties benefit by coming together to achieve mutual goals, so we meet at least monthly with our unions to discuss new and ongoing issues. Employee safety is a mutual focus for both bargaining units and the company. Bargaining unit employees fully support and participate in the company’s safety advisory councils, committees, training and other programs.

Interim bargaining has been used for the past 17 years to improve union relations and promote collaboration on business challenges that impact our operations and workforce. For instance, we frequently work on issues such as staffing plans for operational changes associated with large projects like Clean Air Clean Jobs in Colorado. We also hold regular meetings between management and labor unions to address grievances and avoid arbitration when possible.

In 2016, Xcel Energy reached a tentative agreement with the union representing our employees in Texas and New Mexico. We also reached agreement with labor unions representing employees in Minnesota and Wisconsin in fall of 2016. Negotiations begin with the union representing Colorado employees in spring of 2017.

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