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Encouraging Efficient Energy Use

Our comprehensive portfolio of energy solutions meets the individual needs and preferences of customers and gives everyone an opportunity participate — from large industrials to small businesses and customers living on fixed incomes.

Customers rely on the energy we provide for their comfort, security and convenience, but increasingly they want more control and new options for managing and using energy. We are paying attention to the market, listening to our customers and responding with new and improved solutions.

We continuously evaluate emerging technologies and program models, looking for opportunities to expand our portfolio of energy solutions and anticipate evolving customer needs and interests. Beyond our customer offerings, we continue to demonstrate leadership by incorporating energy efficient technologies and practices at Xcel Energy office buildings and service centers.

2018 Results

Five of Xcel Energy’s energy efficiency programs are recognized as being among the country’s best, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). The following programs received the organization’s Exemplary Program Award in early 2019: the Low-Income Program and Energy Design Assistance in Colorado, Home Energy Squad and One-Stop Efficiency Shop in Minnesota, and Partners in Energy in both Colorado and Minnesota.

Our customers completed nearly 3.5 million electric and 1.4 million natural gas efficiency projects and received $141 million in rebates through our conservation programs. We had more than 42,000 customers participate in our load management or demand response programs.

We launched five new demand response programs, which helped participating customers save money and provided flexibility in how we manage the power grid. Under the programs, customers reduce or shift their energy use during peak periods, helping balance the supply and demand of electricity. We have around 25 new programs set to launch between 2018 and 2021 and have installed a new system to track demand response use and effectiveness.

Altogether, customers saved about 1,240 gigawatt hours of electricity for the year, equivalent to powering 160,000 average homes, and 1.6 million dekatherms of natural gas, enough to fuel 20,000 average homes. The annual energy savings through efficiency measures was enough to avoid about 780,000 tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to the annual carbon emissions from approximately 150,000 cars.

Some of the states we serve provide incentives for achieving energy efficiency goals. Thanks to strong program performance, we earned more than $41 million in incentives, exceeding our expectations.

In early spring 2019, we hosted our annual Energy Expo for Colorado industrial, commercial and small-business customers. It featured teams of energy experts from Xcel Energy and outside organizations providing energy-saving ideas and opportunities for rebates and energy efficiency study funding. During the event, 13 businesses were recognized for outstanding efforts to save energy. These companies greatly lowered energy costs and reduced their impact on the environment. Altogether, they saved more than 33 million kilowatt hours of electricity in a 12-month period.

Xcel Energy’s Education and Outreach program promotes and encourages customer participation in our energy efficiency and renewable choice programs. During the year, we successfully expanded our efforts in Colorado, Minnesota and New Mexico. We reached more than 4.2 million people and generated over 19,800 targeted customer leads and 5,900 direct program sign-ups through event participation and community sponsorships. Some of our more notable partners include the Como Zoo in Minnesota, Denver Botanic Gardens and sports teams — the Saint Paul Saints and Denver Outlaws.

Since we began consistently tracking results in 1992, we estimate that the energy savings through our efficiency programs has avoided the need for 21 average-size power plants.

State-by-State Efficiency Programs and Performance

Xcel Energy’s portfolio of over 150 electric and natural gas conservation programs continues to experience strong customer engagement and growth. We continued to help our customers achieve significant energy savings in 2018, meeting and exceeding savings goals in several key states. The following is a summary by state of overall performance and program offerings.


2018 Approved Savings Goals of 433,694,480 kWh and 769,720 Dth
Electric Projects 1,920,207
Natural Gas Projects 765,805
Total Spending $122,958,724
Electric Savings 680,448,447 kWh
Natural Gas Savings 913,240 Dth

In Minnesota, we offer residential programs that range from prescriptive rebates to in-home services providing energy-efficient materials and labor for installation. Consumer education is included with most of the residential programs to increase conservation awareness and encourage energy-wise choices and behavior in the home. We also offer services and products to help income-qualified customers reduce their energy use and ultimately lower their bills.

The business segment includes electric and natural gas commercial, industrial and small business customers. We offer a variety of programs that encourage business customers to save energy, lower their energy bills, reduce peak demand and minimize environmental impacts. The portfolio has three primary components, including prescriptive products focused on common equipment, custom products to encourage savings from unique situations, and study and educational products that help customers identify energy efficiency opportunities.

North Dakota:

Electric Projects 149
Natural Gas Projects 880
Total Spending $257,670
Electric Savings 16,426 kWh
Natural Gas Savings 12,697 Dth

We provide savings opportunities for North Dakota business customers through load management programs, as well as residential natural gas rebate programs and home energy audits.

South Dakota:

2018 Approved Savings Goal of 5,761,199 kWh
Electric Projects 62,953
Total Spending $775,604
Electric Savings 6,057,290 kWh

Our energy efficiency portfolio for South Dakota customers is a mix of electric programs designed to encourage both residential and business customers to save energy and lower their energy bills in a variety of ways. We offer programs for lighting, load management and educational outreach for business and residential customers and continue to work with trade partners to promote our programs.


Electric Projects 153,135
Natural Gas Projects 152,758
Total Spending $9,872,298
Electric Savings 119,139,835 kWh
Natural Gas Savings 98,169 Dth

In Wisconsin, Xcel Energy participates in a statewide program called Focus on Energy that provides incentives to eligible residents and businesses for installing cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. We retain a portion of the approved annual funding for our voluntary customer programs and to promote the Focus on Energy programs. We also use the funds for general conservation activities, advertising and energy efficiency education for residential customers, commercial customers and trade allies in our service territory.


Electric Projects 15,634
Natural Gas Projects 321
Total Spending $384,663
Electric Savings 1,292,727 kWh
Natural Gas Savings 6,170 Dth

We participate in a statewide program in Michigan called Efficiency United that educates residential and commercial customers about energy efficiency and offers cost-effective solutions and rebates for reducing energy use.


2018 Goals/Targets of 400 GWh and 573,136 Dth
Electric Projects 793,208
Natural Gas Projects


Total Spending $107,385,072
Electric Savings 453,894,496 kWh
Natural Gas Savings

604,928 Dth 

Our Colorado residential energy efficiency programs focus on cost-effective, direct impact products that target household appliances, HVAC and lighting. This effort is supplemented with educational services intended to further increase customer understanding and interest in conservation and energy efficiency. We also offer income-qualified customers products to analyze natural gas and electric consumption, and provide products, services and education designed to help lower energy bills.

Our business program — for commercial and industrial customers of all sizes — offers a broad portfolio of demand side management products designed to meet the needs of this varied segment. The portfolio has three primary components, including prescriptive products focused on common equipment, custom products to encourage savings from unique situations, and study and educational products that help customers identify energy efficiency opportunities.

New Mexico:

Electric Projects 371,298
Total Spending $10,685,496
Electric Savings 51,698,426 kWh

We offer a broad portfolio of programs to meet the needs of business, residential and low-income customers in our eastern New Mexico service territory.


Electric Projects 145,992
Total Spending $3,610,230
Electric Savings 20,524,107 kWh

We offer our Texas customers energy efficiency programs through Standard Offer Programs and third-party Market Transformation programs. These programs are provided to residential, low-income, commercial and industrial customers.

Conservation at Xcel Energy Facilities

Our building management practices support our commitment to the environment and the communities we serve. We own or lease more than 150 office building and service centers throughout our eight-state territory and strive to set an example with conservation. Similar to how we encourage customers to use energy more efficiently in their homes and businesses, we look for ways to save energy and water in our own facilities, especially when those opportunities reduce our costs and conserve resources.

We also go beyond conservation to incorporate a number of environmentally sound practices into our daily building management, including steps that ensure indoor air and water quality, green cleaning and the use of GREENGUARD Certified products and materials.

We proactively began managing our facilities to reduce environmental impact in 2008, and by the end of 2018, have accomplished the following:

Through our energy management initiative, we plan to continue trying to identify and implement projects that reduce energy use and costs at our facilities while helping to reduce overall maintenance needs. Projects will consist of individual, standalone opportunities, as well as efforts to support and improve new construction, remodeling and HVAC replacement projects that are planned and approved. To do this, we review past facility energy audits with the company’s annual capital budget to identify energy improvement opportunities to support.

LEED Certified Facilities

Xcel Energy continues to seek LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for our facilities. We currently have 15 facilities that are LEED certified throughout the eight states where we operate. LEED is a U.S. Green Building Council certification program that recognizes sustainable building strategies and practices. To receive LEED certification, building projects satisfy prerequisites and earn points to achieve different levels of certification. LEED certification has four levels — Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum — based on achievement in five areas: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environment quality. 

Learn more about LEED certification (external link).

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