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Volunteer Partnerships

Xcel Energy employees and retirees working with nonprofits in the Twin Cities

We have longstanding and successful volunteer partnerships with many organizations such as Great River Greening, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, and BestPrep. Through our volunteer partnerships, we engage employees, retirees, and their families in a variety of community service projects. We also ring bells for The Salvation Army, serve as summer camp counselors at YouthCARE’s Camp Sunrise, and engage in several park clean-up projects with Minneapolis Parks and Recreation each year. Our company leaders and employees also serve on numerous nonprofit boards throughout our service area.

Annual Day of Service

Our Annual Day of Service brings together employees, family members, friends, and customers to volunteer on a wide range of projects, making a difference across numerous communities.

View the 2016 Minnesota Day of Service video.

Kitchen Appliance Marking Program (KAMP)

The Kitchen Appliance Marking Program provides a valuable free service for blind and visually impaired customers in the Twin Cities through the volunteer service of our retirees and their spouses. In partnership with Vision Loss Resources and Minnesota State Services for the Blind, we receive and fulfill customer requests to apply raised, colored markings to their appliances. Customers are then able to operate their stoves, microwaves, thermostats and other appliances safely and efficiently. For more information, call our KAMP phone line at 612-215-4621. A retiree volunteer will respond within five to eight working days to schedule an appointment.

Community Events

We partner with a variety of organizations to sponsor community events, from the St. Paul Rice Park Powered by Xcel Energy to the Minneapolis Holidazzle Village. Our employees represent us at these and many other events to help raise funds and awareness for the many resources that exist in our community.

School Partnerships

We have a special relationship with Sanford Middle School in Minneapolis. Our employee volunteers work closely with this school to provide much-needed services.

Employees visit students each month to discuss careers in the utility industry. Students also get the opportunity to visit Xcel Energy's facilities and learn more about the company and its careers.

Pioneers in Public Service (PIPS) Retiree Volunteer Program

In Minnesota, our Pioneers in Public Service (PIPS) retirees and their spouses volunteer on behalf of the company at various community events throughout the Twin Cities. They also partner with numerous nonprofit organizations.

For 25 years, PIPS volunteers (primarily in groups/teams) have:

  • Helped hundreds of blind and visually impaired customers through the Kitchen Appliance Marking Program (KAMP)
  • Built homes
  • Installed Lifeline® equipment
  • Assisted at our United Way and Safety Fair events

For more information, contact Community Affairs at 612-215-4621 or email

Visit the PIPS page to learn more.

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