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Community Investment

Each year, through grants, employee contributions, and sponsorships we make substantial investments in our communities.

The total amount Xcel Energy invested in the community in 2015 was $13,706,413.

The Foundation board of directors determines the annual budget by a review of the previous year's contributions and by prioritizing what it hopes to accomplish with the available resources.

Focus Area Grants
STEM education $1,349,100 $1,259,600 $1,412,510
Economic sustainability $1,233,900 $737,698 $884,600
Environmental stewardship $657,600 $1,100,500 $1,159,255
Access to the arts $550,200 $582,630 $649,090
Strategic philanthropy $210,000 -- --
Disaster $20,000 -- --
Other grants $22,000 -- --
Total $4,042,800 $3,680,428 $4,105,455
United Way Contributions
Employee contributions $2,808,547 $2,725,158 $2,753,178
Company match and corporate gifts $2,453,596 $2,714,210 $2,431,346
Company in-kind $195,456   $52,419
Total $5,457,599 $5,439,368 $5,236,942
Matching Gifts Program
Employee contributions $701,157 $811,232 $660,836
Company contributions $599,413 $598,499 $579,687
Total $1,300,570 $1,409,731 $1,240,523
Volunteer Matching Dollars $238,510 $244,750 $236,480
Disaster Relief
Employee contributions $4,875 $5,240 $8,410
Company contributions $74,171 $117,365 $108,160
Total $79,046 $122,605 $116,570
Volunteer Paid Time Off (VPTO)
VPTO Hours 17,463 16,179 13,017
VPTO Dollars $686,037 $635,020 $489,742
Other Contributions $1,823,435 $2,238,541 $1,298,497
In-kind Contributions $94,574 $74,452 $95,211
Employee Volunteer Hours 39,326 27,229 40,210
Total $13,706,413 $13,844,895 $12,819,430

1 Other Contributions are sponsorships, including tables, sports venues and charitable contributions made outside of the Xcel Energy Foundation.

In-kind Contributions refers to the value of donated equipment and supplies; it also includes supplies purchased for sponsoring or participating in community and volunteer events.

Employee Volunteer Hours are provided for those programs that we have a system in place for tracking, which include Volunteer Paid Time Off, Dollars-for-Doing, Volunteer Energy and Day of Service. Actual employee volunteer hours are greater than reported here because the company promotes and sponsors a number of employee volunteer activities in addition to the programs we track.

Volunteer Matching Dollars includes company payments to community organizations through Dollars-for Doing and Volunteer Energy.

Disaster Relief includes corporate contributions to the Red Cross and similar organizations, as well as funds donated on behalf of customers through special product promotions.

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