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Tom and Louise

Age: 64 and 62
Status: Married, three grown children
Residence: 1,200 sq. ft, older home in Wheat Ridge
Appliances: Evaporative cooling, electric washer and dryer, electric stove

We say we’re retired, but Tom still likes to do consulting because it’s hard to get my husband to slow down. He works out of our home, which has been nice company since our three kids are grown and we have an empty nest. Plus we don’t have two steady incomes anymore but we’re not ready to live off our savings just yet.

We’re natives of Colorado, so we never installed central air. Plus, we liked to keep our costs down, and that helped a lot. Even though we no longer have a regular work schedule, we find ourselves holding onto old habits. We like to cook at home, still eat dinner about 6 p.m., run the dishwasher after dinner, and do laundry on weekends. But now that the kids are gone, we do find ourselves going out to Sunday brunch with friends. Although we enjoy heading out around town, we’ve worked hard to make the house a home, so we value the time we spend in it. We’re enjoying our time, especially now that our first grandchild is due in December.

How can we save with Peak Demand Pricing? How can we save with Peak Demand Pricing?
How can we save with Time of Use Pricing? How can we save with Time of Use Pricing?

Energy Saving Tip

Make sure to regularly change the air filters on your HVAC system (at least once per month). Old, clogged filters are far less efficient than new ones.


Break Ground, Not the Law

Always call 811 before digging in your yard to avoid hitting buried gas or electric lines. Not only is it the safe thing to do, but it's the law.

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