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How to Read Your Bill

Here's a breakdown of each portion of your bill

Account Info

Here is where you'll find crucial account information, like your account number, the billing period's payment amount, and the payment due date for the month.

This information will be at the top of every page of your bill, in red, so you'll always find it quickly and easily.

If you'd prefer to make payments online, consider signing up for My Account with eBill.

Usage Summary

If you're an Xcel Energy electric and/or natural gas customer, these charges will show your usage rates by monthly and daily averages for the billing period.

By understanding your energy use over time, you can choose to employ more energy efficient practices to save energy and lower your bill. Or, you can choose to participate in some of our programs, which often provide significant savings for equipment upgrades.

Summary of Current Charges

Your specific electricity and/or natural gas use and charges will be outlined, along with the dates for which those usage rates apply. Full details will continue on the next page.

This information allows you to see if you're starting to experience a change in your energy usage and bill amount due to colder or warmer weather changes. This may prompt you to you adjust your usage accordingly or start taking advantage of programs, upgrades and efficiency practices.

Account Balance

The Account Balance section provides details to help you compare this month's bill with last month's bill.

Here, you'll see if your bill is changing due to the weather or other factors. Then, you can adjust your thermostat or take part in other efficiency efforts or programs to save more.

Information About Your Bill

This section provides important information and resources to help you manage your account and payment. Rate updates and other factors that could affect your energy bill will also be found here, so read it every month and stay up to date!

Questions About Your Bill

Here you'll find a list of your Xcel Energy resources and contacts.

Payment Tear-Off

If you'd like to send in a check to pay your bill, tear off the bottom portion below this dotted line. Your account number, the payment due date for that billing cycle, the amount due, and the to and from addresses are already here. All you need to do is fill out the check (payable to Xcel Energy), write down the amount enclosed in the corresponding box, and slip it in the envelope we give you. Don't forget to leave 3–5 days for your letter to make it to our billing office and for your payment to be processed.

You can also pay online through My Account.

Information Box

Every month, we'll provide information about our efficiency and rebate programs or other educational information that can help you stay energy savvy and safe. You'll always find a helpful link to learn more or a phone number to call.

Service Details

This section details charges from your bill, including your meter read and dates, the amount of energy used, and charges.

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Energy Saving Tip

Want to make a strong statement about energy efficiency? Consider whether your home might be a good candidate for a green roof, solar panels, or a geothermal system.


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