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One-Time Release of Information Other Than Customer Energy Usage Data

Xcel Energy also makes available a form for customers to authorize a one-time release of their account data to a third party for purposes such as obtaining a credit reference letter, service verification letter, or lock authorization. Such releases typically include the customer’s name and mailing address, Xcel Energy account number, service address, service type(s), and service dates. In no case will Xcel Energy allow the one-time release authorization form to be used to release a customer’s Social Security Number or any financial account number to a third party.

The customer of record must complete and sign Xcel Energy’s one-time release authorization form; alternate forms will not be accepted. The customer must check the box(es) which describe the purpose(s) to be served by releasing the information to the third party, provide the identity and contact information for the third party, enter the customer’s account number and service address, and sign and date the form.

Customers must send the completed consent form to Xcel Energy at or P.O. Box 8 Eau Claire WI 54702, or fax the form to 866-208-8732. Invalid or incomplete consent forms will be returned, and their request for information release will not be honored.

Xcel Energy One-Time Release of Information (other than CEUD) Authorization Form

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