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Customer Energy Usage Data Release Forms

Gas and Electric Energy Usage Data Release Form

Third parties seeking to obtain Customer Energy Usage Data (CEUD) must follow these directions for completing an approved consent form:

  1. Prior to providing the consent form to the customer of record:
    1. Specify the third party’s contact information, including identifying a contact person who the customer may contact with questions related to the data release request.
    2. Describe the purpose(s) of the proposed use of customer energy usage data. The description must be sufficiently detailed and clear to inform the customer and Xcel Energy of the purposes for which the data will be used.

  2. Provide the consent form to the customer of record and have the customer enter their account number, service address and name in the customer section of the consent form, and sign and date the form.

  3. Submit the completed release request consent form to Xcel Energy, by sending an email to or mailing it to: P.O. Box 8, Eau Claire, WI 54702. Invalid or incomplete forms will be returned, and their request for information release will not be honored.

Alternatively, Xcel Energy may accept a third party’s consent form for the release of customer energy usage data if the form contains all of the following information:

  1. Explain that customers can access their standard customer data, as identified by the utility’s tariff, without additional charge.

  2. Advise customers that their customer data will not be disclosed to third parties, except:
    1. As necessary to provide regulated utility services to the customers;
    2. As otherwise permitted or required by law or Commission rule; or
    3. Pursuant to the authorization given by the customer in accordance with these rules.

  3. Describe the utility’s policies regarding how a customer can authorize access and disclosure of his or her customer data to third parties. With regard to such third party data disclosure:
    1. Inform customers that declining a request for disclosure of customer data to a third party will not affect the provision of utility service that the customer receives from the utility; and
    2. Explain that any customer consent for access to, disclosure of, or use of a customer’s customer data by a third party may be terminated or limited by the customer of record at any time and inform the customers of the process for doing so.

  4. Provide a customer service phone number and web address where customers can direct additional questions or obtain additional information regarding their customer data, the disclosure of customer data or aggregated data, or the utility's privacy policies and procedures with respect to customer data or aggregated data.

  5. Provides spaces for the following required information regarding the third party recipient of the customer data:
    1. The name, including trade name if applicable, physical address, mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number;
    2. The uses of the data for which the customer is allowing disclosure;
    3. The time period (e.g., months, years) for which data are being requested;
    4. The description of the data that are being requested;

  6. States that the consent is valid until terminated;

  7. States that the customer must notify the utility service provider in writing (electronically or non-electronically) to terminate the consent including appropriate utility contact information;

  8. States any additional terms except an inducement for the customer’s disclosure;

  9. Be viewable on-line and printed in ten point or larger font; and

  10. Provides notice to the customer that the utility shall not be responsible for monitoring or taking any steps to ensure that the third party to whom the data is disclosed is maintaining the confidentiality of the data or using the data as intended by the customer.

To ensure you have access to the data you requested promptly, we strongly encourage you to use the Commission supplied forms. Consent forms that do not address all of the above requirements will not be honored.

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