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Solar*Rewards - CO


Get incentives, reimbursed for solar energy in Colorado

Program Information

Xcel Energy is committed to delivering safe, affordable energy using environmentally responsible practices and renewable resources. The Solar*Rewards program helps to make installing solar panels on your home or business more affordable. When you install solar panels on your home or business, you help protect the environment.

Since 2006, Solar*Rewards has paid over $297 million in incentives to Colorado customers. We’ve helped to install more than 19,800 PV systems. More than 200 MW of solar has been installed in Colorado through the Solar*Rewards program. If you’re interested in installing a PV system at your home or business, the Solar*Rewards program is here to help.

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Get Started!

Applying for solar incentives through Solar*Rewards is easy. Our standard incentives are based on the size of the PV system you decide to install. Visit our application website to get started.

Current Incentives and Availability

The charts below are updated each business day and reflect the current incentive levels and availability for the Solar*Rewards program. Incentives are paid to the owner of the PV system based on the amount of energy the PV system produces (¢ per kWh).

Last Update: 11/11/2014

Small Program (<25 kW)*
Month REC Price (Customer-owned / Third Party-owned) Customer Reviewed MW Third Party Reviewed MW Total Reviewed MW
June 3¢ / 1¢ 0.435 3.565 4.000
July 3¢ / 1¢ 0.899 3.113 4.000
August 3¢ / 1¢ 0.681 3.332 4.000
September 3¢ / 1¢ 0.763 3.241 4.000
October 3¢ / 1¢ 0.553 3.442 4.000
November 3¢ / 1¢ 1.027 2.977 4.000
December 3¢ / 1¢ 0.000 0.000 0.000
TOTAL       24.000

*The Colorado Public Utilities Commission has approved the motion to extend the operation of the 2014 settlement for the Small Solar*Rewards program. The approval of the extension allows the Company to advance additional capacity for the Small Solar*Rewards program on a monthly basis until such time as the Commission issues a final decision on our 2014 Renewable Energy Standard Plan. Please click here to read more from the latest e-mail communication.

Medium Program (25-500 kW)
Step Medium REC Price MW in step MW Reviewed MW Remaining in Step
1 6 6 0
2 1 1 0


Interconnection Policies

Solar*Rewards Monthly Report

Below is a link to the most recent monthly report containing information about installed capacity and program spend.

Additional Information

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