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Home Energy Audit - MN

Home Energy Audit

Audits help Minnesota customers optimize their home energy efficiency and save money


You can receive an in-home audit at about 70% less than market value through the Home Energy Audit program.

An in-home energy audit is your road map to increasing your home’s efficiency. It shows ways to boost your home’s comfort, lower your energy bills and even make the planet a little cleaner.

To request your Home Energy Audit, go to xcelenergy.com/Forms/Home_Energy_Audit.


The discounted audit is available to our Minnesota residential customers. It is designed to help you determine the right energy-saving changes for your home. The benefits of the Home Energy Audit include:

  • Saving money on the audit itself
  • Using our rebate programs to lower the cost of home improvements
  • Lowering your energy bill for years to come


The prices listed below are the prices you pay for an audit.

$30 Home Walkthrough

Get a comprehensive whole-house inspection where a certified auditor will:

  • Perform a comprehensive inspection of your home’s exterior, such as windows and doors
  • Analyze insulation levels throughout the home
  • Examine the age, efficiency and general condition of your mechanical systems
  • Perform a basic analysis of your utility bills
$60 Standard Audit

Includes everything from the Home Walkthrough, plus the auditor will:

  • Perform a carbon monoxide test
  • Use the blower door diagnostic tool to determine how much air your home loses each hour through leakage. Leaked air needs to be reheated or recooled, increasing your energy bills
$100 Standard Audit with Infrared Test Includes everything from the Standard Audit including the blower door test, plus an Infrared Test which will:
  • Scan the walls and ceilings
  • Help with the evaluation of internal structures such as drywall and insulation
  • Show temperature differences to see where insulation is present, missing or not working effectively
  • Propose more tailored solutions to address air leaks, eliminate ice dams, reduce conditioned air loss and the associated energy consumption

How are audits priced?

Xcel Energy offers the Home Energy Audit to its residential customers at a substantial discount. The prices listed are up to 70 percent less than market value.

Who conducts the audit?

An expert trained to take a whole-house approach to evaluating your home conducts the audit. The auditor assesses the structure as a whole, recognizing that one component can greatly affect other aspects of the house. Our Minnesota-based partner, The Neighborhood Energy Connection, consistently receives high marks from our customers on professionalism and advice. Visit the Additional Information section on this page for a link to The Neighborhood Connection.

Your auditor will spend approximately two to three hours examining your home and answering your questions. You’ll receive a comprehensive written report a few days later.

How do I pay for the audit?

The cost of your audit ($30, $60 or $100) will be an added charge on your utility bill after the audit has been completed.

Who Qualifies?

  • To qualify for the Home Walkthrough and the Standard Audit, you must be a Minnesota natural gas and/or electric customer of Xcel Energy.
  • To qualify for the Standard Audit with an Infrared test, you must be a Minnesota:
    • Natural gas customer
    • Natural gas and electric customer, or
    • Electric customer who uses electricity as your primary heat source
  • The Home Energy Audit program allows a customer to have one audit every three years. The only exception occurs with an upgraded audit, which can be done within three years of a Home Walkthrough or Standard Audit. After the infrared audit, you are unable to receive any audits for three years.

How to Get Started

To request your Home Energy Audit, go to xcelenergy.com/Forms/Home_Energy_Audit or call us at 1-800-895-4999.

Additional Information

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