Colorado Wind Power

We continue to grow our use of wind power in Colorado

Colorado has excellent wind resources, and Xcel Energy is capitalizing on this wind to deliver clean, affordable renewable energy to customers. We built Colorado's first commercial wind farm in the late 1990s, the Ponnequin Wind Farm in northern Colorado. Since then, Xcel Energy has expanded the use of wind power in Colorado to nearly 2,200 megawatts. And we plan to add more, as wind power today is our most affordable renewable resource.

In 2013, Xcel Energy announced plans and received utility commission approval to purchase power from two new projects totaling about 450 megawatts, increasing our system total to about 2,600 megawatts over the next several years. The additions are expected to save Colorado customers about $231 million in fuel costs over 20 years.

Managing wind power on the electric system can be challenging because it is notoriously difficult to predict. Xcel Energy has worked with Global Weather Corp., an affiliate company of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), to develop WindWX, the most advanced wind-production forecasting system in the world. Through improved wind forecasting, we continue to save customers money and set national records for the amount of wind energy on our system. One early morning hour in May 2013, wind energy provided more than 60 percent of Xcel Energy’s electricity supply on its Colorado system, which is a national record. We also estimate it has saved our Colorado customers $20.7 million in fuel costs since working to improve wind forecasting in 2009.

Facility Location Capacity In-service Date
Ponnequin Weld County (just south of the Wyoming border) 26 MW 1998
Foot Creek III Wyoming 25 MW 1999
Ridgecrest Peetz, Colorado 30 MW 2001
Colorado Green Lamar, Colorado 162 MW 2004
Cedar Creek Grover, Colorado 300 MW 2007
Logan Wind Peetz, Colorado 201 MW 2007
Peetz Table Peetz, Colorado 200 MW 2007
Twin Buttes Lamar, Colorado 75 MW 2007
Northern Colorado Wind Peetz, Colorado 174 MW 2009
NREL/National Wind Testing Center Golden, Colorado 10 MW 2010
Cedar Creek II Weld County, Colorado 251 MW 2011
Cedar Point Wind Lincoln & Elbert Counties, Colorado 252 MW 2011
Limon Wind I Lincoln & Elbert Counties, Colorado 200 MW 2012
Limon Wind II Lincoln County, Colorado 200 MW 2012


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