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RDF Active Wind Projects

Active Wind Projects

These projects take advantage of the wind in our service area

Development of a Virtual Wind Simulator

Project Goals: To develop a high-resolution, turbulence-resolving Virtual Wind Simulator that will assist in the improved design of potential wind energy projects by providing more accurate predictions of local and wind turbulence at site and turbine levels.

Project Type: Research and Development 

Sponsor: University of Minnesota 

Funding Amount: $999,999

Project Cycle: 3

Loss of Mains Detection

Project Goals: This project will focus on developing technologies for loss-of-mains detection based on two methods:

  • Power system harmonic signature; and
  • Synchrophasor data transmitted by utility broadband communications.

Loss-of-mains detection is a significant problem for small-distributed generators, such as small wind power and solar photovoltaic systems. The goal is to develop new technologies that can reduce total energy costs and enable distributed generators to assume more of a grid-system support role.

Project Type: Research and Development 

Energy Source: All 

Sponsor: Northern Plains Technologies

Funding Amount: $493,608

Project Cycle: 3

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