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Doing Our Part


The environment, leadership and a clean energy future

Protecting the environment is one of Xcel Energy’s corporate values, and environmental leadership is a component of our corporate strategy. We are building a clean energy future for our customers and the communities we serve, while continuing to provide reliable and affordable energy services. Our efforts include:

  • Investing in cost-effective advanced clean energy technologies
  • Implementing innovative business strategies based on collaboration
  • Expanding our energy efficiency programs to help customers save money and reduce environmental impact

Environmental protection and a clean energy future begin with excellent environmental compliance. We have a strong environmental management system to ensure we follow existing regulations and a history of proactive initiatives that go beyond what’s required today to meet tomorrow’s regulations.

Some recent examples are:

  • Minnesota Metro Emissions Project, completed in 2009, that involved a package of projects to significantly reduce air emissions from three Twin Cities-area power plants while increasing electricity output by around 300 megawatts
  • Clean Air-Clean Jobs plan, currently under way to significantly reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants in Colorado
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