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Rates & Regulations


Providing safe, reliable and affordable service

At Xcel Energy, we work with public officials in the states we serve to meet the needs of our customers for safe, reliable and affordable electric and natural gas service.

Our utility subsidiaries operate under carefully regulated conditions, which are determined in part by state public utilities commissions. Federal and state utilities commissions are the governing bodies that regulate the rates and services of utilities like Xcel Energy. In exchange for the right to provide electricity and natural gas services in certain regions, we agree to the following:

  • Duty to serve:  We are obligated to provide service to any residence or business within our service territory. Utilities cannot pick and choose their customers.
  • Cost-of-service pricing:  Pricing for our services is regulated by the regulatory commissions and is based on the costs we incur to provide it. Utilities cannot arbitrarily raise their prices.

Together, this is known as the regulatory compact. As a participant in the compact, we are granted the ability to recover our costs of doing business and earn a reasonable rate of return; customers are ensured appropriate levels of service at reasonable prices.

We work hard to stay in sync with the needs of our customers, regulators, and public policymakers.  We extensively plan for the least-cost, balanced portfolio of resources that our customers will need into the future, comply with numerous public safety, environmental, and reliability regulations, and effectively manage our costs to provide reliable, safe, affordable service to our customers.

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Our products and services differ based on state. Please select your state (or the state you're interested in) from the list to the left.

Why do our products and services differ based on state? Because our business is regulated by state. We have regulated operations in eight Western and Midwestern states. The different regulatory body for each state we serve determines what products and services we deliver in that state.