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Angus Anson Generating Station

Angus Anson Generating Station

This is a three-unit peaking facility, capable of firing on natural gas or oil


Location: Sioux Falls, S.D.

Plant Description: The Angus Anson Generating Station is a three-unit peaking facility, capable of firing on natural gas or oil.

Power Production Capability: 405 megawatts: Unit 2 – 120 MW, Unit 3 – 120MW, Unit 4 – 165MW.

Fuel Sources: Natural gas and oil.

Plant History

The Angus C. Anson Generating Station is named in honor of the late executive for Northern States Power Company, the predecessor of Xcel Energy, who died in a plane crash in April 1993. Angus Anson was active in economic development efforts in Sioux Falls, S.D., and was traveling with Gov. George Mickelson and six other South Dakota state and business leaders when their plane crashed in Iowa.

The Anson station was formally established in 1994, when two peaking units were installed to provide additional generation to the Sioux Falls area. A third unit was added in 2005. The site previously was home to the Pathfinder plant, which was originally built as a pilot nuclear plant, a facility that laid the groundwork for the company's successful nuclear operations at Monticello and Prairie Island. Pathfinder later was converted to an oil and gas-fired peaking facility, although it is no longer operating.

Interesting Features

The Anson units were equipped in 2000 with inlet cooling systems to increase generating capacity. Cooling inlet air during hot and humid conditions increases air density and flow rate, which correspondingly increases power output on days when it is needed most. The improvement at Anson yielded 20 additional megawatts.

Environmental Highlights

The Anson units are equipped with a demineralized water system that controls air emissions by injecting water into the combustion process. Unit 4 also is equipped special burners to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

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Plant Information and Tour Requests — 1-800-895-4999
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